The Hope Society


We hold, strongly, that programs come and go, but, the people under-girthing these programs are the real stability of a Christian community. This document is designed around explaining how our particular community functions and how you can best engage with it. Programs/ministries come out of the community, not the community from the programs – We believe in “people not programs”.

We take great effort and care to plan and build a community that is light on meetings and administrational burdens, keeping things light is one of our leaders main aims. However, we are a community that desires to be on the frontline of Jesus’ mission in our age. With this comes sacrifice and dedication. We pray that you often get tired, really tired, in your service and mission at the HS – a good tired. The kind of unburden-some tired that comes after you have accomplished something great.

The kind of tired that a renowned artist has as they complete a majest work. The kind of tired where you sit down, kick your shoes off and breath in the deep satisfaction that comes from being a builder of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

In our world of constant movement and endless information, belonging is almost a lost concept. We pray that at the Hope Society belonging will be brought back.The last line of the prayer of Jabez: “that it might not cause me pain”, is a prayer that is constantly on our hearts. We desire that our community might be a place that does not cause pain. We pray that at the Hope Society the broken would know that they are chosen and understand that the Gospel is not an ancient relic of a long lost god, but the ever-present reality to those who dare to believe.

You don’t have to believe to belong, just come as you are and we know that Jesus will show you a life and existence that will cause you to do what so many have done before – leave all to follow.


Christian communities are known, sometimes without realising it, for a particular value. Some ministries emphasis worship, some social justice, some activism etc. We believe in a broad and wide global church and that all these values have their place in God’s Kingdom. Further, we believe that in-order for our church to have clear focus and direction, everything we do and say, from the obvious like preaching, right down to how the cupcakes are arranged at our events, needs to be done in the context of our core value.

A core value is the one word, thought or purpose that encapsulates a ministry. It is the one thing from which all the other things flow, this, for us, is HOPE. This is our core passion and purpose, to share hope, specifically the hope of Jesus.

At the Hope Society we are looking to be culturally as well as emotionally and relationally relevant to our communities. The founder of modern theology, Karl Barth, said that it is the church’s task to ensure the Gospel is presented in a relevant and tangible way to each and every generation. We live to present the hope of Jesus to our ever changing generation, in a way that allows them to fully comprehend its message.

Having this value eliminates confusion and ensures that we all know the why behind each and every task we do and the ministries we run.To inspire hope is our mandate, it is interwoven into all we do and it is our end goal. It is not a ridged thing, but a matter of focus.

No one is ever beyond the restorative power of Jesus love. We believe that hope is real and that hope has a name: Jesus.

The church is not built on the gifts and talents of a few, but on the sacrifice of many.

Brian Houston


HS Church Pillars

  • God’s Word
  • Prayer
  • Passionate Worship
  • Authentic Community
  • Giving of time and resources

HS Church Values

  • Jesus = Hope – our message
  • Belonging – we are strictly inclusive
  • Interactive – involving bystanders
  • Keeping it light – minimal meetings, maximum mission
  • People before programs – never a checklist
  • Unforced – a natural desire to belong and serve
  • Building the vision – vision, subdivision
  • Steady – present spirituality, emotionally and relationally
  • Reliable – we don’t do the just before text message
  • Celebratory – church should be enjoyed not endured
  • Aligned – the community is focused on the vision
  • Evaluating – checking any drifting

HS Identity

  • Inner Holiness
  • Total Reliance
  • Forward Faith


Sunday Service: This is the primary gathering point of the church. The Sunday service is dedicated to being uplifting, super friendly and presenting our core message: Jesus = Hope.

Life Groups: The inner community of the HS. Local groups of people that meet, doing life together.

Team Night: Our core team meeting: prayer, development, and communication.

(Every second Tuesday).

Unforced community: This is not a program, it is just people connecting and doing life together outside of the planned programs of the HS. Our desire is for the structured elements, life groups etc, to lead to genuine friendships…think about it, we don’t have structure around our friendships, they are natural. Our goal is that the structures of the church lead to organic, natural friendships – unforced community.

Inspiring Hope: This is the missional arm of the HS. Some of the primary ministries for the 2018 calendar year are:

  • Inspire Women’s Conference.
  • Made 2 Make a Difference (M2MAD) camps for kids in care.
  • International Ministries: Africa and Indonesia.
  • Vital Leadership Conference.

We believe in a local, national and global mission: “you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem (Sydney), and in all Judea and Samaria (NSW and Australia), and to the ends of the earth (Global).”